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I got hit by a car, AGAIN

Dallas, TX |

So as you may have noticed, I'm finally back on the streets with my new mechanical legs. But right after I smell the fresh air after days being, I got hit by the very same 1988 Ferrari 328. I think he's following me. He had no license plate so I don't even know how he can drive that thing around without getting caught by the cops. How do I track him and sue him for all he's got?

Attorney Answers 3

  1. Not to sure how you can track him down after the fact without any identifying information on the actual driver, instead of just what type of car is it. You should call the cops and make a report then contact the Texas Crime Victim's Compensation fund to see if you would qualify for any medical bill reimbursement. You should also contact a local Personal Injury Attorney and schedule a consultation to talk about your case in greater detail.

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  2. I get the feeling that this is not a sincere request for lega help, however, if iris report it to the police and research your old claim to find out the owner and go after him again.