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I got deported banned for 10 years, I have a petition approved from a family menber.

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I got deported 2 times from the US, first time it was in 2006 for overstay and the second time in 2007 for try to reentry, I received a ban time of 10 years from the first time and another paper saying banned for 10 years at the second time, I also have a approved petition from my grandma but she already passed away there is anything I can do to come back to America? Im not pretending to stay only visit friends and family.

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  1. Based on the information you provided, it appears that you are not eligible for immigration benefits at this time.

    If you are in the United States, then you run the risk of being encountered by immigration officials and being deported again. Or, worse, you could be charged criminally, and you could face prison time.

    I strongly suggest that you consult with an experienced immigration attorney about your situation, so that you know what your options are, and what consequences you face.

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  2. Your best course of action based on the facts presented is to attempt to unring the deportation bell by reopening the two removal cases. You'll need to obtain your immigration court case file and your alien file and your file from CBP, have an attorney analyze all of them and determine if there are any avenues in reopening your case(s).

  3. Unfortunately, your grandmother's approved petition was cancelled by the fact of her death. The law provides for reinstatement of revoked I-130 petitions due to the petitioner's death but the requirements are stringent and it applies only to a narrow class of beneficiaries. Unfortunately, you do not seem to qualify as a beneficiary because you were not residing in the US at the time your grandmother died.

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