I got caught smoking a joint in my parked car. I had a medical weed card but I still got a HS11357b ticket.

Asked almost 3 years ago - Carson, CA

I'm a 19 year old who got caught smoking a joint in my parked car and even though I had a MJ card cop lady still wrote me a ticket. She circled the Infraction section and on the description it said "possession of marijuana, less than 1 oz." I was wondering what are the charges on me, fine/penalties, car insurance problems, etc. Is it gonna stay on my record? What I can I do or say to help me get less charges? Thank you.

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  1. John M. Kaman


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    Answered . Unfortunately VC 13202.5 makes possession of marijuana by a minor results in a 12 month license suspension whether or not the offense was driving related. You can apply for a critical needs license and/or request a diversion program which may avoid the suspension.

  2. Joseph Briscoe Dane


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    Answered . As indicated by Mr. Kaman, you've got to avoid a conviction or you're in jeopardy of losing your license for a year.

    Your medical card should be a complete defense to the charge. Even though possession of less than an ounce is only an infraction now, because of the license issue, it's worth getting an attorney to handle this for you so you can keep your license and avoid a conviction.

  3. Michael Rutledge Norton

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    Answered . Have your attorney show the DA your valid perscription card. You can either hire a private attorney or you can see if you qualify for a public defender. As the other attorneys posted, you need to avoid a conviction.

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