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I got caught shoplifting in Sephora in San Francisco, I was't taken to jail. would it show up when people do background check?

San Francisco, CA |

I was trying to stole worth of $500 stuff from Sephora two years ago. I knew it wasn't right so I couldn't walk out of the door so I stayed in the store for over an hour. Then a Sephora employee came to me and ask me to go with him. I did, and then he pull all the stuff I took out of my bag , I told him I can pay all for all of them, he said it's too late and called the police. The police came and asked ma a lot of questions, and then they went to talk to some employees. When they came back, they told me if I pay for all those products, they won't take me to jail. Then I paid for all those products, and the employee who caught me took a picture of me, copied information from my driver's license and then asked me to sign an agreement and told me I'm banned. Will this stay on my record?

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  1. This will be on your record if you are arrested and booked (fingerprinted etc). Does not appear that occurred in this case. If the store does not request prosecution, as it seems like here, the police often do not forward any reports for prosecution. Sounds like you most likely got lucky and should personally count this as your break in the system if nothing comes of it.

  2. Not if you didn't have to promise to appear in court (sign a citation).

  3. Based only on what you are saying, the answer is no. However, if you were prosecuted or you were supposed to go to court and did not, my answer would change.

  4. If you were not arrested and booked or received a citation to appear in court, nothing will be on your record regarding this incident.

  5. No, you were not arrested or booked so there would be no record. The likely reason is that you never attempted to leave the store so they did not have the necessary elements to constitute theft.

  6. You were not arrested. This did not generate an entry on your official criminal record.

    This is basic information only...

  7. It will not show up on your criminal record (also known as a "rap sheet") because you were not arrested.

  8. You weren't arrested which makes it hard to tell. It's been over a year which means the statute has run to charge you criminally (that doesn't mean they won't try!) Sephora is very strict about loss prevention, they don't normally allow civil compromises and the amount you took was high.. not hard to do as Sephora is expensive. Talk to a lawyer in your area. LAW OFFICES OF VICTORIA CLEMANS.

    This is a general statement regarding law and facts and should not be construed as an attorney-client relationship or a solicitation for same.

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