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I got arrested for public intoxication and plead no contest. I want this off my record asap. There's a huge loop to this story,

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I got arrested for public intoxication and plead no contest. I want this off my record asap. There's a huge loop to this story, while being arrested the charge was under my friends name and went through the entire time pretending to be her and was bailed with her name as well. My friend is well aware of this, i called her as soon as i got out. The only ID i had at the time was hers and i used it to go out because I'm under aged. Should i just continue the process in getting it expunged and going to court still pretending to be her? Or do i tell my bondsman the entire story. I only did this because i was very scared of getting into more trouble for being under aged.

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  1. If you pleaded no contest (also known as "nolo contendere"), then you won't be able to have this expunged. Period. End of story. However, you could be charged for a variety of crimes, including using your friend's identity...and your friend could get the PI charge expunged based on that fact. You seriously need to hire an attorney asap!

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  2. When you hire your attorney tomorrow, they'll have to go in and try to reopen the case. It sounds like you got out because you got a conviction. You have to clean up this mess.

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  3. Speak to a Texas Criminal Defense Attorney ASAP. Speak to no one about this until you have spoken with an attorney. Do not go to court and claim that you are somebody else. Do not post any more details here as this is a public forum,

  4. This is unfortunately a bigger problem for your friend than you. She's the one that needs her name cleared. I can't tell what the status of your case is. Just because you entered a no contest plea, doesn't tell me the disposition. if you received deferred, the case can be expunged. If that's the case, I would just take responsibility by paying to clear her record. The bond company doesn't have anything to do with this. You need to consult a local attorney as soon as possible to sort out the disposition. They can advise you of your options from there.

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