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I got arrested for domestic violence, first offense, got out on bail. Was issued to not have any contact with my abusive

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boyfriend. ((He is actually the abusive one, whenI got arrested it was because I fought back when he was hurting me)) We got in contact with each other and he reassured me that if I saw him he would not get me in trouble with the law or call the police. I believed him, had been seeing him for about a week when things went south again. We got into a fight and he ended up calling the police on me, when I did not even touch him but he hit me and left some atrocious bruises on me yet again. I was violating my bail by seeing him. I do not have a warrent out for my arrest yet and this happened about five days ago. My court date is next week what should I expect to happen?

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Your bond may very well end up revoked, but a new bond will be set. Be prepared to have someone post the new bond. I suggest you consult a local Criminal Defense attorney to discuss your case in greater detail and learn all of your rights and options. Good luck.

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First off, let me say that I am sorry that you are in this position. You need to speak to a lawyer fast. Also, quickly get a bond source in line. As you learned, when arrested for a domestic violence battery, the judge orders that you have no contact with the alleged "victim." Obviously that happened here. Not only will your bond on the domestic violence charge be likely revoked because of this violation of the court's order, but you will also be charged with a new criminal misdemeanor offense called: Violation of Pretrial Release: Domestic Violence.

This new charge, for violating the court's order, is a first degree misdemeanor and carries penalties similar to the domestic violence itself. There are many technical defenses to this charge. A trained lawyer may be able to find technical defenses even when you feel that the evidence against you is overwhelming. In addition, a lawyer can file for a bond modification to get you out jail and change some of the conditions of your release pending the resolution of these charges.

Talk to a trained Brevard County defense attorney to help you resolve this in a way that you are happy with. this is especially true when you are charged with something of which you are not guitly. Always fight the charges against you zealously, especially when you are innocent. Feel free to call me a free case evaluation or to just answer your questions. I practice in Brevard and I am a former prosecutor. 407-383-7461

The above is not advice. An attorney client relationship has not been established by the answering of these questions. More information is always needed before accurate advice can be given. Feel free to call the Jason Hicks Law Firm at 407.383.7461 for a detailed consultation. Do not rely solely on the answers to the questions in this forum as more information is needed.

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