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I got arressted for public drunk what should I do before court ?

Marietta, GA |

2 yrs ago I got arressted for the same thing they let me go on the pre trial dervision program to where it wouldnt go on my record. but since i have received my second one what can I expect to happen in court. what do they normaly give to someone with a public drunk charge and is this something I need to get a lawyer for?

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You need to discuss this with an attorney. Many attorneys give free consultations. Call some in your area and see what they say.


Law enforcement, inlcuding prosecutors, will know that you had your first case dismissed for the fact that arrests will always show an a law enforcement criminal history, even if you have been granted expungement. You should consult with a lawyer for this case.


I work in the City of Marietta Municipal Court all the time. You should definitely look at the possibility of obtaining a lwayer on these charges. The Prosecutor in that jurisdiction can be reasonable at times. The charge is complicated by the prior Public Drunk charge potentially. When you speak with the lawyer you contact you need to know the specifics regarding that old case (when was it, what were the facts surrounding it, was the record expunged or was pre-trial diversion just completed without the record of the arrest being expunged). I qualified attorney in your area may be able to negotiate to a more favorable disposition in that court. You can find qualified attorneys in the Marietta area on this website: Good luck.

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