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I got an underage drinking ticket. Will this affect me getting my license?

Crystal Lake, IL |

I am fifteen years old and I live in Illinois

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    It may affect your driver's license. You should speak with an attorney.
    Did you take a breathalyzer?
    Did they find and open alcohol on or about your person?
    Why were you approached?
    More info is needed. Talk to a lawyer.

  2. Yes, this could affect your getting a license as a minor. Have your parents hire an atorney for you and see if the charge can be reduced.

  3. yes. You should obtain the services a lawyer familiar with the GDL law. I assume you studied that in driver's ed. I gave a presentation about it to my son's class and they seemed familiar with it.

  4. I agree with all of the other attorneys. You may wish to read this PDF which I report on my website which explains the Illinois Graduated License Program.

    Good luck

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