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I got an no insurance ticket & got a DAR for not respondin fast enough.i didn't know i had my license revoked.

Saint Cloud, MN |

I lost the ticket and thought they sent out a letter when it gets close to your deadline. I didn't know how long i had but no letter came so i thought i had more time. I really didn't know my license was revoked. can i fight the DAR ticket? and also the cop said i did nothing wrong. that he pulled me over cause he run my plate because he was behind me, is that legal?and i am the registered owner of the car, i obviously didnt know

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  1. Yes, they can pull you over after running your plates. I'm assuming that comment refers to the DAR ticket. If so you did "do something wrong." You drove w/o a valid DL (driving after Revocation) Your chance of fighting the DAR/DAS ticket is probably zero, unless you could show they did not send proper notice of the suspension (for failure to appear on the first ticket, the No Ins.) to the address on your DL.

  2. That is a downward spiral. The officer can stop you if your license is revoked. Whether or not the revocation is valid, is a question of whether you were revoked for not appearing in court, for not providing proof of insurance, or something else. You should consult with a criminal defense attorney to see if there is a good resolution to these problems. If you can't afford a lawyer, show up in court and ask the court to appoint a lawyer.

    This response does not create an attorney client relationship and is offered for informational purposes only. Only a lawyer fully versed on the facts and circumstances of your case can properly advise you on the case. I am licensed to practice in Minnesota, not every state. You should always consult with an attorney licensed in your area on how best to proceed.

  3. The Minnesota Department of Public Safety mails a notice of license revocation to the listed address on your drivers license. If they can prove they did that (they typically can), then normally that is enough notice to defeat a "I didn't know it was revoked" defense. Police can stop a driver legally based on a plate check that shows the owner is not licensed, and the driver matches the description of the owner. Keep in mind that both "no insurance" and DAR charges, if convicted, will each trigger another license revocation(s) for at least an additional 30 days each (or more). To avoid that, avoid one or more conviction for these charges. It helps to get car insurance right away and get the license reinstated before resolving the new charges in court. Of course, a lawyer will be an advantage for you.

  4. Your plates are in "plan view", so cops can scan them.
    If you didn't admit to knowing your insurance has lapsed, a attorney may be able to get you out on the of lack of intent to commit a crime.
    You want to hire a attorney on this one.
    It is a criminal matter, and your outcome has higher chances of being much better if you have a attorney.

    This is not legal advice. If order to give you legal advice i would need to see the Tickets and talk to the court first. Good luck:)

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