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I got a violation in the mail I assume for allegedly turning right on red w/o stopping. I need advice please.

Mount Prospect, IL |

The vehicle in the photo is mine. What I actually did isn't stated, only "disobeying traffic control signal". Couldn't be anything but a right-on-red ticket. I can't go on the website to see the alleged violation since their site is down but I am virtually certain this is wrong since I always stop (and I happen to recall the incident as I had to pass a vehicle that was stalled between lanes). What are my best options? What recourse do they really have? What are my best options to defeat this?

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Wait until the website is back up and review the video. If the alleged conduct is not visible, challenge the citation. If it is visible, unfortunately, the best bet is to pay the ticket. Most photo enforced tickets are treated like parking tickets (i.e. fine only).

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You should wait until the website is back online. Then review the footage for yourself. Since you have received a citation, you need to defend it whether or not you feel you are in the right. Naturally, retaining an attorney would help you minimize the damage, but if you feel you can handle this matter yourself, you can do that as well.

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