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I got a ticket in Michigan for speeding 69 on 40 speed limit. I was driving in a park, at night, with only me on the road

Dearborn Heights, MI |

I do not have any points, and the last ticket I got it was 3 years ago. What is the best way to deal with this situation? thank you.

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    Your driving record is good. Get a court date and request a formal hearing. The prosecutor will likely reduce it. Good luck!

  2. You should hire a Traffic Specialist like myself to try to negotiate a plea deal to amend the ticket to an offense that is 0 points AND that is not reported to the Secretary of State.

  3. Dependent upon your driving history, there is a good chance your citation can be reduced. Please feel free give me a call. I will be happy to discuss it with you. 248.779.7236.