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I got a ticket and was put at fault in car accident last month march 2013. I have two questions, please excuse the Ignorance.

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I feel like we should both have a ticket or none of us have the ticket. Is there any such thing?
My second question is that the other couple involved in the accident was trying to put the fault so much on me, they were very aggressive, we have the same car insurance. I have full coverage, I believe they do as well. I got a ticket, they did not. Is my truck's damages still going to be fixed and paid by my insurance since I have full coverage or not?
I'm not sure how this works.
I have a 500 dollar deductible.

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When liability is unclear the investigating officers do sometimes give both parties tickets and other times neither party a ticket. So this was a possibility. In this case you got the ticket but your insurance company will still fix your car but you'll owe the deductible. If you were injured consult an injury attorney for the possibility that you weren't at fault to explore other options.

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If you were injured, see a personal injury lawyer and see if they can help you fight the liability question. If not, hire a traffic ticket lawyer to fight the ticket. It will be worth the money.


Under the "collision" coverage portion of your own policy, your insurance company will pay for the repair of your car, or fair market value (if totalled), WHICHEVER AMOUNT IS LESS, regardless of fault, minus your deductible. I believe that in Florida the police report is not admissible to prove liability in a subsequent action brought against you, if solely based on statements told by the participants in the accident, except that any "admission" made to the police officer as to fault can be admitted into evidence as an "admission against interest". Having been the recipient of a ticket charging you with a violation of traffic law(s), you should retain a traffic lawyer to fight the ticket. If you are found to be "guilty" of the traffic infraction involved, it is possible that such finding will be binding on you in any subsequent legal action for damages. So fight, fight, fight.

Clifford M. Miller

Clifford M. Miller


Crash report and statements of drivers are never admissible; even as admissions, and even just for impeachment. Driver statements are compelled by statute and privileged.

Jeffrey Ira Schwimmer

Jeffrey Ira Schwimmer


Thank you for the insight, Mr. Miller. The opposite is true in NY, where a statement made to the P.O., if an admission against interest, is admissible against a party.


Yes, your truck's damages will be paid by your insurer except you will need to pay your $500 deductible. My office handles car accidents and traffic tickets. You can mostly get the ticket dismissed if you hire a lawyer. Call my office monday if you would like a free consult- 561-367-3256

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Lawyers can't determine fault from a short Avvo posting. Contact one of the lawyers in your state who answered above to evaluate. Personal injury lawyers give free consultations.


In many instances of car accidents, at fault drivers are issued tickets by the police for violations of state, county or municipal ordinances. Unfortunately, the officer's issuance of a ticket is at his discretion. Even if a driver obtains a ticket in a car accident, it does not mean their insurane company will not cover their property damage if there is property coverage and not merely liability insurance. Report the claim to your insurance and have them inspect the vehicle. Your insurance company will pay the claim and may subrogate against the other insurance policy to assess a percentage of the claim to the fault of the other driver in the auto accident. Feel free to get a legal advise on this from a local law firm.


You have no control over who gets the ticket. The officer's actions in determining liability or in giving the tickets is not admissible in court.

You will pay your deductible, and your insurance will apply above it.

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A police officer can ticket everyone, no one or just you. He has discretion as to whom he cites.

You may be well served to read through your car insurance policy and review the various types of coverages contained inside your policy. If you have full coverage which includes collision damage coverage, your car will be paid for regardless of fault. Whatever deductible you have assigned to your collision coverage will be deducted from the damage payment made by your carrier. Read through your insurance policy.

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