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I got a subpeana for a moving violation,What should I do?

Duluth, GA |

I was following my friend home ,there was a roadblock my friend made a left turn I follow him
because i was lost ,the police officer gave me a ticket for making a u turn ,Does this mean I was triyng elude an officer all did was follow my friend's directions.Will I get charge for Attenting to flee,elude a traffic stop?I was driving in a restricted permit.My friend was arrested for a warrant

Not learner's permit a restricted permit for work porpuses only

Attorney Answers 3

  1. You should hire a lawyer. These are serious charges, especially if you only have a learner's permit.

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  2. If they were going to charge you with fleeing and eluding, they would have done so. But if you received a citation only for illegal u-turn, I think you are safe from additional charges.

    The thing to worry about is that the charge occurred while you were driving on a restricted / limited permit. You need to make sure that this ticket will not snowball into an additional suspension for violation of a permit. You don't want to resolve the case before your license is fully reinstated. For that reason, give me or some other attorney a call to keep things right for you.

    Good luck.

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  3. The other attorneys above are correct. You should get in touch with a local lawyer to help you out with this. While an illegal u-turn may not sound that serious, it could have major ramifications for your license. Get in touch with an attorney who is practices regularly in Duluth Municipal and Gwinnett State Court to help negotiate your case.

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