I got a speeding ticket for going 54 mph on a 35 mph zone in Chapel Hill. What should I do, this is my first ticket.

Asked over 2 years ago - Chapel Hill, NC

I wasn't paying attention. Not sure if I was going at 54.

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  1. Robert H. Smith

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    Answered . This needs to be reduced,or it would increase your insurance for three years.I practice traffic law in Chapel Hill if you need help.

  2. F. "Bill" William Powers


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    Answered . Gracious, DON'T mess around with that kind of ticket.

    Driving school likely isn't the most appropriate option. . .although there is more to consider than just prior citations. (Wrecks count too, as do other PJC issues with household members.)

    If I got a ticket in Chapel Hill, NC I'd call Sam Coleman. Absolutely FABULOUS attorney and frankly, he's good friend. I'd trust my ability to drive (aka license) with him.

    Please tell him I said hello!


    bill powers
    north carolina dwi defense (statewide)
    charlotte concord and brevard

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  3. George Wilmarth Nickel III


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    Answered . You need to challenge the ticket or get it reduced. Otherwise you'll have DMV points and insurance points to deal with. An increase in your insurance rate could costs hundreds/thousands of dollars over the next few years.

    Please feel free to call me for a free evaluation of your case.

  4. Anthony James Cuticchia Jr.

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    Answered . If you go to court, the ADA will sometimes reduce the offense. That can help with points. However, if this is your first ticket - in NC you can ASK the judge if s/he will grant a PJC (Prayer for judgment). In essence, you plead guilty but the case is put in limbo - the way it was described to me is that "the judge's gavel is about to come down and then stops in mid-air." If you are granted a PJC then it shouldn't be an insurance issue. You will probably have to pay court costs, and possibly a fine. Make sure you bring at least $225 in cash with you to court.

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  5. Brian Coleman Kelly

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    Answered . Check procedure on asking for traffic school.

  6. Jordan D Yuelys


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    Answered . You received a four-point ticket (assuming you have a NJ driver’s licencee as if you are out of state only 2 points will transfer out ). If you didn’t get any other tickets and were polite to the officer there is a lot of hope to get it reduced. Especially since this is your first ticket. You should plead “not guilty.” and go to court to fight it. If you do it on your own, the State will almost always offer you to plead to a lower speed limit violation that would result in a 2 pt ticket. They may offer you a chance to plead to “unsafe driving” which is a zero point violation but comes with a greater cost and a limit on the number of times it can be used if it is offered by the State. Your chance to get the ticket reduced to a zero point ticket is greatest with a good attorney. Any attorney can get you down to two points.

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