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I got a second suspended license ticket in 5 months will i go to jail when i go to court

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i paid the first one off

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Jail is always a possibility on a suspended license case. Which court is your case out of?

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you still need to contact an attorney directly to discuss this case. Second offenses are serious. many on this site including myself, offer free consultations. Get an attorney as soon as possible.


V C Section 14601 Driving When Privilege Suspended or Revoked
Driving When Privilege Suspended or Revoked

14601. (a) No person shall drive a motor vehicle at any time when that person’s driving privilege is suspended or revoked for reckless driving in violation of Section 23103, 23104, or 23105, any reason listed in subdivision (a) or (c) of Section 12806 authorizing the department to refuse to issue a license, negligent or incompetent operation of a motor vehicle as prescribed in subdivision (e) of Section 12809, or negligent operation as prescribed in Section 12810.5 , if the person so driving has knowledge of the suspension or revocation. Knowledge shall be conclusively presumed if mailed notice has been given by the department to the person pursuant to Section 13106. The presumption established by this subdivision is a presumption affecting the burden of proof.

(b) A person convicted under this section shall be punished as follows:

(1) Upon a first conviction, by imprisonment in a county jail for not less than five days or more than six months and by a fine of not less than three hundred dollars ($300) or more than one thousand dollars ($1,000).

(2) If the offense occurred within five years of a prior offense that resulted in a conviction of a violation of this section or Section 14601.1, 14601.2, or 14601.5, by imprisonment in a county jail for not less than 10 days or more than one year and by a fine of not less than five hundred dollars ($500) or more than two thousand dollars ($2,000).

(c) If the offense occurred within five years of a prior offense that resulted in a conviction of a violation of this section or Section 14601.1, 14601.2, or 14601.5, and is granted probation, the court shall impose as a condition of probation that the person be confined in a county jail for at least 10 days.

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You should consult with an attorney about your fact and circumstances. Most of them offer free consultations and will be able to spot any potential defenses at that time. They will also be able to advise you on possible outcomes, including whether you would serve any jail time.

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Possibly, especially if your license was suspended for a DUI and you are dealing with a probation violation. Consult with a locally experienced attorney. Good luck.

Jasen Nielsen


We all need more information such as: Are you on probation for your first 14601? What court is your 2nd 14601 out of? Why is your license suspended and can you get it reinstated? In fact, the last question is the most important. I suggest that you go to the DMV (don't drive there!) pay for a "long form" copy of your driver's history and contact one of the attorneys that has responded to your question. Most attorneys give free consultations though you need to bring in the DMV printout and any other paperwork you have to obtain a solid answer. Jail time may be avoided if you try to resolve the underlying issues. Good luck.

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