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I got a red light camera ticket in the mail but I wasn't driving, my daughter was, can I get the ticket thrown out?

Puyallup, WA |

If I send in the Declaration of Non-Liability saying that my daughter was driving at the time the infraction occurred, will a ticket be issued to her, or will the whole infraction be thrown out?

Attorney Answers 2

  1. They will not dismiss the ticket. If you state in the Declaration that your daughter was driving, they will just send the red light camera ticket to your daughter. I am not licensed to practice law in Washington, but in St. Louis, red light camera tickets are essentially just very expensive parking tickets--the ticket is issued against the vehicle, so the registered owner of the vehicle is responsible for paying it. As in your case, if you tell the court who was driving your car at the time the ticket was issued, the court will send the ticket to that person.

  2. The previous answer may be correct in Missouri. It is NOT correct in Washington State. The red-light camera laws allow you to submit an affidavit that you were not the driver and the ticket against you will be dismissed. There is usually a place on the affidavit to identify the real driver. You are not required by law to do so (and if you do a ticket will be issued for the other party).

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