I got a OWI in iowa a couple months ago and i happened to move to Missouri and i failed to appear at court .what will happen?

Asked over 1 year ago - Columbia, MO

i didnt pay any of my fines or anything i was supposed to do..i know its a bad thing to do but i had to move, for personal reasons.

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  1. Andrea R. Rogers

    Contributor Level 14


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    Answered . I'm not licensed to practice law in Iowa, but my best guess is that the court in Iowa will issue a warrant for your arrest and suspend your license. You won't be able to get a driver's license in Missouri until you take care of the OWI in Iowa.

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  2. Josh P Tolin

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    Answered . I don't handle criminal cases, but this did happen to me. If you get a ticket in another State and do not pay, the other State assuming you have a Missouri drivers license will send a notice to Missouri and they will suspend , or can suspend your license in Missouri if you don't pay in Iowa. Get an attorney.

  3. Richard Stefan Lurye


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    Answered . I practice law in Maryland and New York, not Iowa. Therefore, this information is general in nature and certainly not legal advice. Contact your attorney in Iowa (or get one if you did not have one) immediately. Have the attorney contact the warrant squad to arrange for your surrender in Iowa. Make sure that the attorney is available to appear before the person who will determine whether bond will be set for you at the time of surrender. This will either be a Court, Commissioner or Magistrate. Ask the attorney what forms of bond the Court will accept in lieu of detaining you. Make sure you have sufficient funds available to post bond and contact a bondsman to appear as well. Go over the circumstances of your departure with the attorney so that he can make the best case for your failure to appear and other failures. By surrendering, you stand the best chance for avoiding jail and having a very high bond set. In addition, once the warrant is satisfied, you will not be at risk for being detained for extradition if you are stopped for any kind of traffic violation. The extradition process is extraordinarily inconvenient and you are likely to be detained during the procedure, which can take weeks at the very least. Do not compound your problem by simply hoping it will go away. It will not. I wish you well.

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