I got a felony dui over 20 years ago. I would like to get a handgun permit but have told this is not possible.

Is there a way to get a permit or have the felony removed from my record

Noblesville, IN -

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Joel Dee Hand

Joel Dee Hand

DUI / DWI Attorney - Indianapolis, IN

Indiana has a new expungement law that may be helpful to you in getting your civil rights, including your 2nd Amendment rights to carry a firearm, restored. You should contact an experienced criminal attorney for a consultation to see if you qualify.

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Jasen Bodie Nielsen

Jasen Bodie Nielsen

DUI / DWI Attorney - Santa Barbara, CA

There are attorneys who tend to specialize in these kinds of issues. You may be able to find a few on avvo. Try the "Find a Lawyer" section on here and search the entire state of IN. I'll try to find a practice area that may be more suited to your issue so some more attorneys may see it. Bet of luck.

Jasen Nielsen

Christopher Irvin Simser

Christopher Irvin Simser

DUI / DWI Attorney - New York, NY

I suggest you contact attorney Hand directly. His answer here on Avvo indicates he is clearly familiar with the law, including any recent developments that might be to your advantage. Give him a call.

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