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I got a DUI in January of this year in California but was already planning to relocate to Oregon in July, what are my options?

Portland, OR |

All of my stuff is in storage in California and I no longer have a place of residence in the state. My mail has been forwarding to my parents place in Oregon (Portland) since April. Is it possible to carry out the sentence in Oregon? Can I transfer the case to a court here?

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  1. Cases like this cannot be transferred between States. However, if you were to be placed on probation for this case, it is highly likely that you would be able to live in Oregon and fulfill the terms of your probation while in Oregon. You need to contact attorney's who are licensed to practice in California, particularly in the county where the arrest happened, in order to get help with a case that is in California.

  2. You need a California attorney. The case can't be transferred but it's possible to satisfy probation or treatment requirements here. Good luck!

  3. I agree with my colleagues' excellent responses regarding contacting a California attorney. I would add the encouragement that you do so quickly and inquire specifically about whether you are currently permitted to reside outside of the state of California and the date for your next court appearance.

    In Oregon, if someone is booked into jail and charged with a crime, then that person is required to sign a release agreement that typically prohibits him from leaving the state. I do not know whether you have a similar release agreement regarding your California charge but it is something that you should bring up when you talk to an attorney.

    It also concerns me that you picked up the charge in January, left the state, and don't mention (in your question, at least) the appointment of counsel or an upcoming court date. If you don't know when your next court date is, be sure to ask the attorney you consult to look into that too. The last thing you want is to pick up a new charge for violating your release agreement or failing to appear for court.

    Good luck.

  4. What is your sentence? Are you still in the alcohol program? IF so, it can be moved out of state but it may cause problems with your ability to drive. More information must be given to properly answer your question, including what unsolved terms of probation you still have in CA.

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