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I got a DUI in AZ. but live in CA.

Prescott, AZ |

I got a DUI in AZ. and I think my BAC qualifies me to receive a "super extreme DUI". I spent 2 days in jail and have not had my other court date. If I go back to CA. and get pulled over will my license be suspended? I know I will have warrants in AZ, but will they look that up in CA. if I get pulled over? Will I have any chance of them lowering the charges if my BAC is that high? Will I have to serve the mandatory 45 days in jail that goes along with a "super extreme DUI"?

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These are complicated cases when dealing with the interstate licensing consquences stemming from a DUI in a state other than your home state. You will likely not only need an experienced DUI attorney in Arizona, but also one in California to assist you with the license issues that arise as a result of this type of situation.

If the Arizona conviction is reported to California, you will be required to do a California State Approved Alcohol Program, regardless of whether you also completed one in Arizona. This is why it is important to retain counsel who understands interstate licensing consquences in both Arizona and California.

Moreover, if you have an exteme DUI in Arizona, there may be a requirement that you install an IID on a vehicle for an extended period. It is my understanding that this requirement will extend to you even if you reside in another state.

Again, this is why it is important that you retain counsel who understands interstate licensing consquences in both Arizona and California.

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There is a high probability that AZ will tell CA DMV about your suspension. CA will then send you a letter telling you that your privilege to drive in CA is suspended. You can request a hearing if you wish.

I don't practice in AZ and can't answer the 45 day extreme DUI sentencing question. It is often possible to get local jail/service for my clients who live out of LA area. Have your lawyer ask if local/private jail in CA will suffice for AZ jail term.

Edward J. Blum

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As a condition of your release, you probably signed paperwork agreeing to not leave the State of Arizona. You should not leave the State until you get that condition modified. As to checking your license, officers usually call dispatch, who then can pull up your record very quickly. It is highly likely that your DUI arrest will show up.

As for a plea agreement, depending on your BAC, the prosecutor may offer you an "extreme DUI," which has a mandatory sentence 30 days in jail. If you have a job, you can ask the judge for work release.

Legal Disclaimer: I am not your attorney. The only method of establishing an attorney--client relationship with me is by a retainer and fee agreement signed by me, which is not offered via this site. The information given is not legal advice and is for general information only. My answer is limited to the facts presented and may not be complete or applicable to your situation. My answer is given upon the condition that you will contact an attorney licensed in your state to receive legal advice that applies to your particular situation.

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