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I got a DUI in AZ and was scheduled for 10 days jail but only did 1day court letter says jail non-compliant. what will happen?

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I got a DUI in AZ and was scheduled for 10 days jail but only did 1 day. I was fingerprinted and released. Then a month later I received a letter from the court saying I was Jail non-compliant. What will happen? will i have to go back ? If i was released and already through the system I would not have to go back correct?

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  1. Being fingerprinted and released does not even count as one day in jail. When the jail "released" you, the judge would have expected you to call your lawyer or the court for clarification on whether or not the jail's "release" of you was a mistake and somehow cancelled out the judge's order of ten days. You should hire a lawyer for this short matter, someone to contact the court and to go to court with you to deal with this. There may be some chance that the judge will accuse you of being in contempt of court as well as of not serving your sentence. If the judge said ten days, the court paperwork was issued saying ten days, and it was given or mailed to you, then it was a valid judgment. If you face up to this without delay, perhaps the judge will consider a request to let you turn yourself in on a particular day in the future, or to serve it over 5 weekends. But seriously, hiring a lawyer could make a big difference on this issue. Good luck.

  2. Someone really needs to review your plea agreement along with your judgment and order. Was your technical sentence 10 days with 9 days suspended or was it the full ten days? I agree that you should either go back to your original attorney or consult with an

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