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I got a DUI I'm current nursing student will this affect my career?

Tacoma, WA |

I am currently going to court for a DUI, first time offense ever BAC of .081. I am currently a student going for my LPN will any charge that will come out of this affect my schooling and career? Is it worth me continueing?

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If you get an attorney and avoid a conviction, it probably won't have any impact. However, the ultimate decision will rest with the appropriate licensing agency once you seek to be licensed. You may want to check with the licensing board or your school to see what, if any, impact a DUI conviction will have. Regardless, hire a local attorney to fight your DUI.

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If this is your first offense, a good attorney should be able to get the charge reduced from DUI to negligent driving. I dont believe that a negligent driving offenses will affect your ability to work as a nurse.

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Your attorney should check with the Department of Health and any other licensing agencies. According to the DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH NURSING CARE QUALITY ASSURANCE COMMISSION HEALTH PROFESSIONS QUALITY ASSURANCE SECTION 6 OFFICE PROCEDURE, with an effective date of September 9, 2011, a single conviction for DUI within the 3 years prior to the licese application will not be grounds for denial of a nursing license.

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It is very important you speak with a DUI defense attorney about your case. A good attorney can frequently get a first time DUI charge in Tacoma where the breath test result is less than .089 reduced to a lesser charge. In addition, you may be able to avoid the Department of Licensing administrative suspension.

This is important because action by the Department of Health is not triggered by you being charged; it is triggered if you are convicted of DUI. While a single conviction will not prevent you from pursuing a career as an LPN now, rules frequently change, and a conviction may end up being a problem in the future. This is in addition to other problems and complications associated with a DUI charge and a potential DUI conviction. Working with a good DUI defense attorney can increase your chances of avoiding a DUI conviction and minimize the complications associated with whatever happens in your case.

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