I got a dui 3 years ago paid all fines and fees up front was sentenced to 11 29 probation and other conditions which i completed

except 2 mnths prior to my probation end date i didnt return to report i turned my self in last week and was OR after 24 hours i have court the 19th how do i avoid another yr of prbation or jail time?

Clarksville, TN -

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Ruchee Janardan Patel

Ruchee Janardan Patel

Criminal Defense Attorney - Memphis, TN

When you say OR do you mean ROR? released on your own recognizance?
By missing meeting with your probation officer, you are at least in technical violation of your probation. You said you turned yourself in, so I assume the probation office already filed for the warrant and petition to revoke your probation. You need to have an attorney negotiate your cases. If the petition for violation of probation granted and your suspended sentence is revoked, you have to serve the 11 months and 29 days less any jail credits you signed up for. The judge has the discretion of reducing the sentence.

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