I got a dui 25 years ago in NJ,1987. Paid all cost except the ins. Surchg o$3,000.00,Can they charge penalty&intrest for 25 year

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At last inquiry, in excess of $10k! In 1996. is there anything I can do to get this back to a realistic cost? Please Help! thanks!

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    Answered . With many cities and counties becoming cash-strapped, they are looking for alternative sources of revenue, including collecting on old debts. Municipalities and the companies they hire are typically immune from the FDCPA for fines. However, if you live in Oklahoma, in order for them to collect this amount from you, they would have to register the judgment here, at a cost to them, which may keep them from acting. Plus, they may be fearful that an Oklahoma judge would see the debt as too old (past the statute of limitations) even though the statute of limitations may not apply to municipal fines.

    HOWEVER, beware of debt collector scam artists that may have simply found the public record that says you didn't finish paying and is now lying to you saying that they are collecting on behalf of New Jersey! Contact the New Jersey court directly to see if they have assigned this debt to any debt collection agency. It's so old, that I would actually be surprised it it WASN'T a scam artist.

    If NJ can verify that the collector contacting you is valid, and it is appearing on your credit report and you want it off, it may be worth contacting the original NJ court that awarded the fine against you to see if you can arrange a negotiated payoff amount.

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    Answered . The surcharge for what? Having a driver's license? Did you get your drivers license back and make some financial agreement to pay the surcharge? If you did not get your license back can they charge the surcharge? A NJ DWI/DUI attorney needs to answer that question. Do you have a valid driver's license now? Hopefully a New Jersey attorney will see this soon and provide some answers.

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    Answered . If it is outstanding yes they can. Hire a lawyer to protect your legal rights.


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