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I got a check in the mail cashed it and it was bad what should I do?

Granite City, IL |

The check was for 2000 dollars and I know where it came from but the detective says I have to go down for it. Then the detective called and said I have a week to pay the money back or he will get a felony warrent. I already spent the money and I cant make up 2000 in a week.WHAT SHOULD I DO ?!?!?!
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Attorney Answers 3

  1. It is unclear where you got the check. You need to immediately consult with a local criminal defense attorney and stop talking to the police.

  2. Not only should you stop talking to the police but obviously a third party - your bank? - has filed charges. That third party is a large part of your problem - get a lawyer.

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  3. I need more facts to analyze the situation. Ordinarily there would be no criminal liability for cashing a bad check. But it could be criminal under other circumstances. Consult with an attorney.