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I got a speeding ticket in bronx going North on hutchings park way i was driving 77 and speed limit 50 I never got tkt

Bronx, NY |

This is my first ticket should I pay it or plead not guilty

Attorney Answers 2

  1. 27 miles per hour over the limit is many points on your license and a big fine. I would not plead guilty and try to either fight it or depending if this was in or out of NYC, make a deal. I have a great traffic court attorney I work with so feel free to contact me if you want a referral - he is reasonable priced.

  2. You are charged with a 6 point speeding violation. If the ticket if returnable to New York City Traffic Violations Bureau, they do not plea bargain tickets. You should plead not guilty and either appear in person or have an attorney appear on your behalf for either a trial or the slim chance that they will reduce the speed to fewer points.

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