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I going to school to become an attorney and want to know what is covered under attorney-client privilege?

Walla Walla, WA |

I am curious what is covered under attorney-client privilege? oral and written communication, attorney visits, etc?

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  1. Where are you in the process? You will want to view the RPC's in Washington State. Just Google RPC and it will come up.

    Why do you care right now though? This is the stuff you learn in law school and while preparing to take the bar exam.

  2. Anything your client tells you that they do not give you express permission to share with other persons is arguably privileged. The privilege outlives the client. There are simply things that clients communicate to you that you can never, ever tell anybody. Elizabeth Powell

    Using Avvo does not form an attorney client relationship.

  3. depends on many factors, and different states have different rules,

  4. Go to the law library and spend some time with t
    "THE LAW OF LAWYERING". You will then appreciate the nuance built into your question. Good Luck in your career.

  5. Yes, all of those things are covered. I think it is good you are interested in ethics already. A quick search on the web related to attorney client privilege will bring up a lot of resources.

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