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I getting paid workmens comp from the insurance co injured at work they been very nice should i still get an attorney

Goodman, WI |

live in wi getting paid from il comp. no travel payed by il according to the ins co. first it was to lift 50 lbs to be able to go back to work now they say 100 lbs has to be lifted 4 ft high now they want me to travel 100 mile for light duty in my own vehical one way i drive truck never need my vehical for work should i trust the trucking co and there ins co im the only driver thats works for them that has not been fired ounce hurt on the job its a new thing they are starting had routator cup surgery been off for 8 months had surgery 5 months ago

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  1. There's a requirement to life a hundred pounds? Sounds fishy. There are plenty of healthy adults who can't do that.

    TIme to get a lawyer.

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  2. I'm unclear if you were hurt on the job due to a traffic accident with a third party (driving a truck which is struck by another vehicle), or if you were hurt on the job with no third party involvement (for example, loading the truck, or involved in a single vehicle accident).

    In either case, you should have a worker's compensation lawyer. Maybe you think the WC insurer is "being nice", but only because you don't know your rights are being stepped on. In MA (and most other states) workers comp lawyers work on a contingent fee, they only get paid if they win; most of their fees are paid by the insurer, or deducted from a lump sum, so you don't have to reach in your own pocket.

    If there is a third party who is responsible for your injuries, you also need a personal injury lawyer. some, but not all, worker's compensation lawyers also do related personal injury claims, or they can refer you to a PI lawyer they trust. The PI lawyer also would be on a contingent fee basis.

    Get a lawyer. If your employer is based in IL, probably one from there for WC. If there is a 3rd party, it may be necessary to get a PI lawyer from the state where the accident occurred. Use this web site to find one or both. Look for the WC lawyer 1st.

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