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I gave someone a W-4 form and it's time to stop withholding taxes and 1099 them instead. What form do I need to use to do so?

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I don't think any further details are needed.

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If you are the employer you can choose how to pay your employees. Just give the appropriate notification to the employees involved. Once they are 1099 independent contractors you need to treat them as such. There are rules involved in determining the status of a 1099 independent contractor. Follow the rules and you will be fine.

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Thanks! It might be interesting for you to know that I asked this question in reverse, as I am the employee in question. I am at work right now, and I was handed a 1099-MISC form, and i look up above the top of the computer monitor and I see the Clock-In Clock-Out phone number they make me use. And besides clicking in and out, I am an employee. By all means of the definition. I'm wondering what good a Form SS-8, or Form 8919 would do me.


If you are going to have the individual do the same work, switching the individual from employee to independent contractor is asking for trouble - please see the post at the link below.

The direct answer to your question is that you ask the individual to complete IRS Form W-9, by which you obtain the applicable SSN or EIN.

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There is no form to note that employee status has terminated and independent contractor status has begun. But as one of the other lawyers has advised you, you should be very clear that the person is no longer an employee. Please check the IRS rules about when someone is an employee.

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