I gave my house to my ex. We sold it and she was to receive all of the profit. I was awarded Attorney fees. can I keep escrow $$

My ex was given the house during the divorce. she was to retain all of the profit. She then was ordered to pay me $4500 in attorney fees. She has yet to pay the fees after 9 mos which passed her deadline to pay me. She also has no job and I will never see that money. She has also refused to pay child support for the last 9 mos.The house sold in September. I just received checks in the mail for the escrow, and insurance overages since the house was always in my name alone for the loans. Can I cash the checks and keep the money deducting it from what she owes me. They total about $1800. At least it is something towards the $4500. The Final Orders clearly state she owes me the money and had until December of 2012 to pay me.

Thornton, CO -

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David Littman

David Littman

Divorce / Separation Lawyer - Denver, CO

The answer is probably yes unless the court order says you have to turn those items over to her. To be on the safe side of things, have an attorney write to her and offer to set off what she owes partially with the money you received. You also need to consider enforcing your other rights. Good luck to you.

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