I gave an a lawyer a check on Jan 31 2013 to file for divorce and she has not cashed it or returned calls. Is this the norm??

Asked about 2 years ago - Edgewater, FL

Wanted to file for divorce and found this lawyer on line with a good rating from the BBB

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    Answered . Perhaps something happened to the attorney, why don't you send her an email and a certified letter asking what is going on, give her the benefit of the doubt, she could have been injured or had a family emergency, the good news is the check is not cashed so that you have not been financially injured. Hope things work out and take care.

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    Answered . Have you tried to contact her other than by phone? If not, you might try emailing or going to her office. It would be somewhat unusual for you to pay an attorney and then hear nothing for over a month, especially when you were contemplating filing for divorce in a short period of time.

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    Answered . First, you need to go to your lawyer's office and see what is going on. Second, you can check with the local bar association. Third, check the cler's office to see if the petition has been filed.

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    Answered . I agree with the other responses. It is very unusual that not only do you get no response, but that she has also not even deposited the check. Try going by her office, emailing, checking with the Florida Bar and local Bar to see if anything perhaps happened to her (medically? car accident?). If you cannot find anything out, I would put a stop payment on the check (to be safe) and retain a different attorney.

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    Answered . That is veru unuaual and you should go to her office and see what has happened. You should also consider finding another attorney to help you with your divorce and to find out what happened to your first lawyer.

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Divorce is the process of formally ending a marriage. Divorces may be jointly agreed upon, resolved by negotiation, or decided in court.

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