I found the most interesting article online for beating a traffic ticket. Is it true??!

While preparing for my arraingment hearing in traffic court today, I did some research to see if I had a case. My citation was for unsafe lane change in 405 FWY traffic on a friday during rush hour. In any case, I wanted to exit the freeway but had to wait until it was safe to do so with traffic merging from the other freeway on ramp. When I swith lanes onto the exit ramp, I crossed the parameter (triangle convergent lines). the fine came out to be $360, which I found to be a little excessive. So today I came across this article online and wanted to know if it related to my case as well. In Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA -

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Adam J. Post

Adam J. Post

Litigation Lawyer - Irvine, CA

I have found that the best resource for citizens to fight traffic tickets is the book published by Nolo titled "how to fight your traffic ticket and win." It contains many of the tactics and questions that I have used in court to fight traffic tickets in the past when I used to handle these matters (I don't handle traffic tickets anymore, I focus on Los Angeles criminal matters and DUI charges). It's a great book, easy to understand and will help you learn how these tickets are fought in court. You can buy it at any bookstore or online, good luck!

Joshua Gramling Stein

Joshua Gramling Stein

Criminal Defense Attorney

I would second the recommendation for the Nolo book - it's an excellent, accurate, and user-friendly book. You can generally rely on any book put out by Nolo. I know a lot of attorneys that use Nolo books to get them oriented when dealing with a new area of the law before they start diving into more specialized treatises and caselaw review.

Do not trust the "sure fire" answers you find online - they tend to be as reliable as the "make millions in real estate with no money down" and "I have $25 million in the bank and need your help to retrieve it" offers.

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