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I found a paycheck from a year ago that I never cashed. The employer is refusing to issue me a new check. is that legal?

Redwood City, CA |

Originally the employer issued a check in the wrong amount. Then it took weeks to get the correct check as they forgot to include me on the next pay cycle, then mailed to wrong address and other problems. Once I finally got it, I was in the middle of moving and must have put it in a file where I didn't find it until I moved again a year later. Now they say they will not issue a new check even though I cannot cash this one as it has been voided.

Attorney Answers 1

  1. If the check is not cashable and you haven't been paid - you should contact the EDD and they will help get you paid and probably with damages if they are refusing to pay you now for hours you worked.

    Good luck with your situation.

    Matthew Williamson