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I found a fingernail in my frozen food product. I contacted them and they want me to send the object back, what should I do?

San Bernardino, CA |

I called the 1800 number on the box and let them know what happened. I found the fingernail in my mouth after eating a spoonful of the product. The woman I spoke to, apologized and offered me coupons. She also said she will mail me a ziplock bag in 7-10 days so that I can send the fingernail to them. Other than being disgusted, I was not hurt. Should I send the fingernail to them? What advice can you give me on what to do?

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    Well, since you were not injured, you really have no cause of action. You can't recover for being disgusted. I would accept their coupons and send them the fingernail.

  2. I agree. No harm, no foul.

  3. Unless it was a really shocking finger nail - nine inches or the like - I agree with my colleagues.