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I forgot to go to court two years ago for a traffic violation

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I was supposed to go to court 2 years ago for a traffic violation. I was pregnant at the time so it totally slipped my mind and now, two years later I'm starting to get nervous. How do I go about taking care of this problem?

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If your traffic ticket was for a traffic infraction (no jail is possible) then most probably a fine and costs were imposed plus a warrant would have been issued. Additionally, the court would have informed the DMV to put a hold on your issue (suspend your license) for failure to pay court fines and costs. Also all the points on the ticket would be assessed.

Just go the court voluntarily and take care of the matter. You will not be able to reverse the traffic infraction of the assessment of fines and costs and points.

If it is not a traffic assessment, still go voluntarily and explain to the court why you failed to appear. Be ready to post bond. Call the court and ask the amount of bond. If it is a small amount have cash to post bond. You will get the cash bond amount if you have no more failures to appear on your court dates. If it is a serious traffic ticket hire an attorney to help you.If you are too scared to appear alone, hire an attorney first and he or she should be able to help you through this process.


A warrant will have been issued for your arrest. Contact the court and ask them when you can go in to take care of the case. Most courts have “add on” times when people can come in and get their case called when it isn't scheduled. For traffic cases it usually isn't a problem to go in and get it taken care of without surrendering on the warrant.

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Call the Court and find out the status of the case. If they entered a default judgment against you, you will need to pay the fine and get an OJW clearance letter so you can reinstate your driving privilges. Most likely your driving priviliges have also been suspended due to this issue.

If the court has issued a Failure to Appear Warrrant you then can try to take care of it yourself or seek legal counsel. It is really up to you and how comfortable you feel handling the situation and what the underlying charges are. It is my recommendation that you contact the Court and find out the status and then you can determine the best course of action to remedy the situation.

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