I Finally Got A Bill After Six Months - Thanks for Advise But What Now? She Told Me to File An Ethics Complaint!

I requested a statement and finally got it via email for all work done since retaining a lawyer in October 2012. As I said before, I had never received a contract, receipt for payment nor monthly invoices for her work. While I had estimated my fees to her were approximately $1,000, she continued to bill me for review of my divorce documents/financial info. while I was in mediation to the total sum of my $2,500 retainer. I was even charged for a draft of Motion to Change Custody? that I have not seen. Charges included $40 for changing a meeting date, $20 each time I emailed her to set meeting date, etc. The last meeting she asked that we meet in a bar. When I arrived she was drinking a glass of wine. She drank two more while we talked - I picked up the $40 tab. She will do nothing on bill.

Little Rock, AR -

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Jennifer L. Ellis

Jennifer L. Ellis

Ethics / Professional Responsibility Lawyer - Philadelphia, PA

I would do what the attorney suggests. http://www.azbar.org/lawyerconcerns/disciplinep...

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John Joseph Westerhaus

John Joseph Westerhaus

Ethics / Professional Responsibility Lawyer

This seems like the best advice she's given you so far -- file an ethics complaint, as she suggests.

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