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I filed chpt 13 bankruptcy in Illinois but changed my mind and it was dismissed. Why is it still on my credit report?

Aurora, IL |
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Filed bankruptcy but changed my mind. However the credit reporting agencies tell me that it still needs to stay for the entire time.

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  1. The fact that you filed bankruptcy allows credit agencies to report such a filing. Whether the debt was discharged or not is irrelevant for reporting purposes. I would assume that a dishcarge of debt affects your credit more than a dismissal. It won't hurt to call the credit agencies to see if they would be willing to pull it off of your report. My instinct tells me that they won't, but it can't hurt to give it a shot. Good luck!

  2. The credit bureaus are correctly reporting the fact that you FILED a bankruptcy. Hopefully, whenever you apply for credit, you will have the opportunity to show that the bankruptcy case was dismissed. However, it appears that the actual reporting was correct. How is your credit otherwise? When reviewing clients' credit reports with them, I have observed numerous errors in the reporting. Be sure to pull up your credit report from all three credit agencies and any errors your observe corrected.

    Good luck!!
    Carl T. Johnson, Attorney
    Davis Law Firm

  3. Federal law allows the credit bureaus to report all bankruptcy cases that have been filed as "public records." Once the record is created, just changing your mind doesn't remove the record of the Bankruptcy.

    You can continue to try to dispute this notation to see if you can get it off, but I wouldn't use the excuse that you dismissed the Bankruptcy because you changed your mind, as it will just confirm what you are trying to deny.

    Good luck!

  4. Because you filed for bankruptcy.

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