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I filed a prejudgment claim of right to possession in an unlawful detainer action. The named defendants filed answers to the

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complaint. After defendants answered, Plaintiff filed a first amended UD complaint without seeking leave of court. Plaintiff mailed 1 first amended summons and first amended complaint and first amended prejudgment claim of right to possession to only 1 named defendant. The next day the process server left several first amended summons and complaints on the porch. How should the named defendants proceed. And must I file the first amended prejudgment claim form again.
Thank you

Attorney Answers 2

  1. The named defendant who appears on the first amended complaint should either file a motion to quash service of summons on first amended complaint OR simply file an answer to first amended complaint.

    You do not necessarily have to file a first amended prejudgment claim of possession form, although I suggest you do.

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