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I filed a Criminal sexual assualt charge but I do not want to persue the case, can I go to jail for this?

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The incident happend in a doctor's office; who I was friends with. After he touched me inapproaitely he apologized and I forgave him, but when my ex found out he got me worked up and emotional and I filed the charges, but I really don't want to persue. I was told later that I can be charged and sentenced to 1 year in jail if I don't go through with this, is this true and what should I do now?

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Failure to cooperate with a criminal investigation can be a misdemeanor and can carry jail time as a consequence. Only the prosecutor knows whether 1) the case against the doctor needs your testimony and 2) you will be prosecuted if you fail to cooperate with the prosecutor.

Simply put, I suggest you honor any subpoena and tell the truth when you are on the witness stand under oath.

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If you fail to come to court having been subpoened they can issue a bench warrant for your arrest. I you refuse to answer questions they can hold you in contempt. If you answer questions falsely, and they can prove it, they can charge you with perjury. If you deny that it happened they can charge you with filing a false police report. So yes, you could go to jail.

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