I fell for an internet scam and got charged with felony forgery and accepted a plea bargain witch convicted me of felony forgery

I feel that my public defender did not do a good job, can i appeal, would it help. I cannot find any emploment not that i have a felony. I have a clean history and think this is very unfair.

Toledo, OH -

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Brian Christopher Jordan

Brian Christopher Jordan

Criminal Defense Attorney - Stroudsburg, PA

Many of these questions depend on when you entered your guilty plea and the applicable time frames for filing a post-sentence motion or notice of appeal with the court regarding your plea and actual sentence. Seperate from that is an action to take against the publc defender who represented you regarding what you are characterizing as ineffective assistance of counsel.

First, I would contact your public defender to clearly understand what your options are. If you don't feel satisfied or want to take different action with a new attorney, consult with a local criminal defense attorney. Undoing what has already been done is not always easy.

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Christopher Lee Beck

Christopher Lee Beck

Criminal Defense Attorney - Beavercreek, OH

Speak with your previous attorney and if that doesn't resolve the issue hire a new attorney who can file a motion to withdraw your plea. The issue with withdrawing your plea is that it is difficult to do and you need to make sure that is really what you want to do. If you successfully withdraw your plea that puts you back at square one and a trial may put you in worse position. Contact an attorney who can speak to you about your post-conviction options. Good luck.

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Joseph T Ostrowski

Joseph T Ostrowski

Criminal Defense Attorney

Because you plead guilty, probably under duress, you will have to withdraw your plea. An attorney can file such a pleading, but as they say "it's tough to unring a bell".

Talk to a lawyer who handles criminal appeals.

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