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I feel force to sign a way of my half of our primary residence title to my same sex life partner

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After 17 years we decide to separate for infidelity this is our primary residence for 15years we don't have other place to go and we agreed to stay in separate room , but now is want me to leave and sign a way of my part to him . He said his mother put the down payment and I don't have right to stay in the title . We did that voluntary days back and I put my income for 15years to support the house . we just did a modification and is not any equity , the only thing I got from him is to add a document that let me living in the house until I find a place to move . Because I asked him for some money for the time I support the house just to give a down payment to get my own place he got angry and said I don't have other choice than sign . This will be by this coming Thursday or Friday .

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    Sorry to hear of your domestic turmoil. Seventeen years is a small lifetime.

    First and foremost, you do not have to sin anything that you do not want to. You are a 50% owner of the property. The source of the down payment does not deprive you of that ownership interest. It may come into play if a court case is filed, but until then, it is a matter of discussion and negotiation. It is not the end all.

    If mom's down payment went into a joint bank account that you and your partner had, then there is a presumption of ift to both of you. Even if she made the check out directly to the closing agent, one could argue that it was a gift to the both of you.

    Since there is no equity, there really isn't much to argue about, really, but you need a place to live. As does your soon-to-be-former-partner.

    There is a type of law suit that is called partition. The Court can direct that the property be sold by the clerk of the court and the proceeds paid to the attorneys first for their fee, mortgage lien holder second, and then to the owners. It does not sound like there will be any to be paid to you and your partner, but the property will be out of both your names.

    Although a partition may not result in your receiving money, it may help you to a certain extent. If you sin over the house, you will still be liable for the mortgage payments. Your credit may not be strong enough for you to qualify for a loan for your new home when you are still on the hook for payment on the current one.

    So, you see, you have quite a bit of leverage here. You can not be evicted as you are the owner of the property. You can not be arrested for trespassing. You can not be forced to sin any papers at all. You can file a case for partition yourself, or wait for your partner to do so.

    So, you see, you have plenty of choices in addition to singing.

    Best of luck to you dealing not only with the emotional issues but financial ones.

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  2. I am sorry that you are going through this, if you are married then the local courts will use the divorce laws, if you are not married then you may have a contract claim or an equity claim, please sit down with a local FL attny and discuss your options. take care.

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  3. As Mr. Lampert stated you are not required to sign anything until and unless a court orders you to do so. Based upon what you have stated in your question the Partition action will provide you with the greatest protection and closure with regard to this issue in in your life.


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