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I failed to respond to my husband's divorce papers. He filed for default on the 31st day as I had 30 days to respond.

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It's been 50 days now. I have not recieved a judgment nor has it posted with the court online as I take it they are backed up. Can I still respond to the divorce? Or is it to late?
He is asking for full physical custody of our 5 yr old daughter in his divorce papers.
I did not file because with all that has gone on it slipped my mind. He got upset at me and stated let me remind you that you meaning I did not respond to the divorce papers and he said that he will now get full physical custody. Is this true?
We have a mediation hearing tomorrow because he filed form fl-300. And the court date for that is in two weeks. What should I do? I did respond to his fl-300 with the fl-320 and fl-311.
What can I expect to happen on the fl300 court date knowing I did not respond to the divorce.

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  1. First things is you need to lay out all the facts in a legal consultation. At this point, you should get sound legal advice.

    To answer your question, you can file a motion to set aside the default and then file a response. But you had better do it quickly. The longer you wait, the worse it will be for you. If you absolutely want to do it yourself (not suggested), then there is a link below to get you started. But please get a some legal advice. Don't take a chance at this stage in the game. The fact that the husband filed his default on day 31 means he's in a hurry.

    As for your question on the hearings, it is hard to say what will happen without knowing what's in the request and your response.

  2. If you do not respond he will get a default and probably everything he's asking for. Get a local lawyer now, while you still have a chance.

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  3. If the case is not over, you should with the permission of the court, be able to file, or just get something filed and go to an attorney immediately.

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  4. The judgment will not happen automatically. You stil have time to request that the default be set aside. You need to respond and protect your rights.

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