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I entered the country on a tourist visa 3 times in a row. Last time a week ago I almost got deported.

Los Angeles, CA |

The immigration officer didn't believe I was a tourist, check all my social media,emails and bags. They let me in at the end but they said this is the last time I could come for the next six months. Do I really have to wait six months?

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  1. Yes it means that. What do you mean three times in a row? If it appears you are not temporarily visiting as the B visa requires then they will refuse you entry.

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  2. Your multiple ins and outs have given them the impression that you are not a mere visitor but apparently intend to immigrate to the US. You should consider waiting a while before you apply the next time for this visa, as they openly told you - or risk being denied.

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  3. It depends on whether you have a B1 (business) visa or a B2 (tourist) visa and the purpose of your multiple visits. If you are on a B1 and traveling for business, you should be allowed back as long as you have a genuine reason to return. Would need more information to respond fully.

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