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I don't have money and I need a lawyer to get my kids back from my drunk gambleholic wife

Purcellville, VA |

My wife had been a gambleholic for the passed 10 years and the passed 2 years she had been drinking almost every night and because she had a bankruptcy few years ago that whipped out all of her gambling dept and she had no way of getting and credit cards so she used my social security number to applied for loans and credit cards for her gambling habits and now I'm in debt for over 100k 'I was a stay at home dad on and off for about 9 years and don't have money for a lawyer ,I try legal aid in Virginia and they could not help me because they said I didn't have a court case and the marriage is contested,what do I do I need help to get my 3 kids back ,she try to put a restringing order on me but I went to court and won and the restringing order was lifted where do I to for help?

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  1. Isn't this more of a divorce/custody question?

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  2. You need to seek pro bono representation. Contact the local bar association and they may have local attorneys who take pro bono cases.

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