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I don't have a aces to 1/3 own by me small aircraft

Troy, MI |

I am 1/3 owner of a small c-172 aircraft for a last seven years , but my partner (2/3 owner) is not giving me aces to the airplane for a last year... he is trying to sell the airplane with out my permission . Can I file a lawsuit against him and his llc ?

Attorney Answers 3

  1. If you have documents proving your 1/3 ownership, then he should not be able to sell it without your agreement. Your agreement with him should have included terms for your having access to use it and a buy/sell agreement for just this reason. You will have to sue or threaten suit for an injunction against his selling the plane. But make sure whatever terms you and he come up with are in writing, dated and signed by both of you.

  2. Yes, but, hopefully, you some documentary proof of your investment and your 1/3 right in the aircraft. You should seek an injunction from the Oakland County Circuit Court if you believe the sale is imminent.

  3. Yes, you can sue him and his llc. Please contact us for additional information. 248-758-2323.