I discovered that my boyfriend took video of me, without my knowledge or consent, while I was undressed.

Is it a better idea, to file a preliminary injunction preventing him from distributing/showing/doing anything with the video/any photos he may have without my consent, or if I should have an attorney draw up an agreement/contract for him to sign saying he will destroy any materials of that nature and will not distribute/sell/show any nude videos/photos either?

Los Angeles, CA -

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Neil Pedersen

Neil Pedersen

Employment / Labor Attorney - Irvine, CA

If you think he can be trusted, I would get him to turn over all originals and copies in any form to you of any photos/videos, etc. where you are in the picture and then have him sign an agreement warranting that he has done so, with a liquidated damages provision that you can exercise upon proof of a breach of the warranty. For instance, for every publication of a picture/video in violation of the agreement, he agrees that you are entitled to $5K or $10K or some large amount, which you estimate to be the value of your damages for such embarrassing content, it would be a big incentive for him to honor the agreement. Of course, if he balks at that term, you might question whether he is really turning over all of the pics and vids.

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