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I didnt have enough money to pay for P.T.I. now i have unitl feb. 25. I cant do it.

Hammond, LA |

I have done everything, classed community services, paid two thousand dollars, monthly drug screens, and more. They prolonged it over a year to help me but i simply cannot come up with the remaining fifteen hundred dollars. Is there some loophole that can save me in court?

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I am not sure where your violation happened, but if you have spent that much money, then the Court might still be willing to provide you with a payment plan on the remaining money to be paid, particularly if you have reimbursed the other party for any damages associated with the violation. You can contact the Court to find out the administrative department you should talk to about such a payment plan and follow up with them. Since you still have a month until your Court appearance, you do have time to gather as much money as possible to have with you to make a payment on that date or before. It is better to walk into Court and be able to have done all you could, with money in hand, than to have not done anything at all. There are no guarantees as to what the Court will do, but many are sympathetic to those people who are clearly trying to make amends and move forward. Under no circumstances, however, should you miss the next date. That will cost you more money and possibly result in an arrest warrant being issued for you (and leave the Court MUCH less sympathetic to your plight.)

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