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I didn't report for jail time now i have warrant can i bond that

Yakima, WA |

its shoplifting charge under 30.00 dollars

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  1. You need an attorney! If you are eligible for a public defender you need to get one. I believe if you contact the PD office they will be able to help you there in Yakima County. If you are looking to hire an attorney there are several attorney on this website that you can contact that are local to your area or you can contact me, I live in Moses Lake but travel when needed depending on if a client is in need. Good Luck and get an attorney now.

  2. It sounds to me like you were ordered to report to jail based on a conviction for a crime. If so, then no, you cannot bond that. You could be facing an additional charge for failing to report to jail on time.
    You need to contact your attorney, if you have one.
    If you were my client, unless there is some other unusual circumstance, I would probably advise you to turn yourself in immediately. Just go to the closest police officer or police station. The longer you wait, the more you look like a scofflaw, which the courts and prosecutors will notice.

  3. No bonds on sentences is the general rule. So, you need to contact an attorney to seek additional to explain why you failed to report and surrender yourself into custody at Court! Depending on when you were supposed to report determines if you will get additional time on the warrant or not. For example, if it was yesterday, then you are still probably OK. But if was a week ago, then you probably have some additional sentencing concerns. I wish you the best of luck!

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