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I did six months on a twenty three month sentance have been on parole for a year .if I violate .what is the maximum time I could

Allentown, PA |

Almost done paying my fines
Need to do comunity service
I let my girl use my car to go down south .and got a ticket by camera and now they think I left the state

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    I wish to add a somewhat different outlook on the specific question posted. Understand this is base entirely on the accuracy of the background posted here. Nothing you've mentioned would give rise to you becoming a "convicted violator" which wold result in loss of your 12 months "street time" and expose you to a maximum recommitment of 17 months. Everything you describe instead amounts to potential "technical" violations which if proved would not result in the loss of "street time" leaving your max exposure at 5 months. In any event it would be well worth your time and money to get the help of a qualified local criminal defense attorney. Good luck.

  2. You could revive a maximum of 17 months. It is suggested that you contact the attorney who represented you original,y or secure a new criminal defense attorney. The attorney should be able to present sufficient evidence to the probation officer proving that you did not violate. Good luck.

  3. You should be able to beat this fairly easily with the help of a good criminal defense attorney. Get one ASAP or you might be going back to jail for another 17 months.

  4. Hire a criminal defense attorney. Get as much evidence as you can that you were in Pennsylvania when the ticket was issued to you (work, place you got to, friends, non-friends). Write down everything you did and everywhere you went while girlfriend was using your car (DO IT NOW, YOU WILL FORGET LATER).

    17 months is a very long time, it will not help if your memory is "jogged" while you are doing time.

  5. eth PV hit could be the balance of the session. I would work on the girlfriend in the car defense now, so your PO doesn't have you detained.

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