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I did IVF with a knwn dnr in ny. Coparent agrmt gives his visitation. He's taking over as if he's the authority. What to do?

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Known donor, after children were born he was around. I assumed because he could prove paternity he had rights. I didn't know I could separate my life cause he was the father. Originally I asked for his sperm he said ok he gave. I got babies came and here he is. He started taking over. I got order of protection cause he was telling me I could leave or go anywhere with children or he would sue me for custody. He acts as he's the authority. We got a co parenting agreement he gets visitation. He keeps threatening and making accusations I'm unfit he had them in visit and got a protection order in me over false accusations. Go to court in 2 weeks since parenting agreement was established 4 yrs ago we only exchange children. He always threatens to take custody. What can I do?

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If you feel physically threatened at any point then call the police. If you wish to engage him in a custody battle then seek the guidance of a local attorney.

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As there is a co-parenting agreement he has the right to request custody in court. You need the aid of an attorney. The method of conception in this case is immaterial.

I am an attorney with over a decade of experience in Matrimonial and Family Law with offices in Brooklyn and Manhattan. I have experience in all five boroughs as well is Nassau and Suffolk County. The opinion expressed in this ad based upon the limited information provided and do not indicate an attorney-client relationship

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There's not much you can do about his threats. I would, on the other hand, keep a careful paper-trail with him and document via letters/e-mails to him all important conversations & exchanges. Schedule a consult with a Child Custody lawyer in your area.

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